Wyshey is an Indian Marketplace that offers a specialized and unique collection of apparel. Wyshey’s aims at attaining maximum customer satisfaction by creating stylish yet comfortable wear. Wyshey as a brand was born in 2023 through the minds of a young group of folks, in a tiny room with a leap of faith to become an e-commerce brand that represents style, opinions, and personality while maintaining relevance to the latest fashion trends in the market.
At Wyshey, we have a diverse range of t-shirts, be it losers, slim fits, baggy, polos, men, women, kids, combos, and whatnot. Customers get easy access to a diverse range and designs of T-shirts just on this single platform. Moreover, they have the option of designing their own t-shirt. Send us your designs and we will create the whole product out of it for you.
Wyshey, a homegrown clothing brand ensures the best online shopping experience by providing quality, comfort, and fashionable at an affordable rate to get maximum value for money. Wyshey provides simple and elegant designs which are fashionable and provide our customers with a look that stands them out from the rest. Not just that we have streetwear too with eye-catchy colors and creative designs. Wyshey makes sure that the different requirements of different customers are met by adding our heart and soul to it.

Story of the Name – While choosing the name of the brand, the group had many brainstorming sessions but nothing good came out then one late night, after finalizing a couple of names they let their loved pet dog in the room whose name was Whiskey and they dedicated the brand to him and named it Wyshey which is Whiskey’s pet name. So Funny but true that Wyshey is their pet’s pet name. Not just that Wyshey will soon have a dedicated page with dog prints and quotes for the pet lovers just like us.

The Team – In the beginning, Wyshey had team members that can literally be counted on the fingers but now as time passes we are growing, not just with the customers but with the internal team as well. At present, we have grown to a team of 100+ enthusiastic members who are working energetically for our brand and customers. We focus on taking care of the customer’s needs and satisfaction, be it in designing, sizing, manufacturing, or delivery of the product.